Lower Costs By Eliminating Unnecessary Expenses & Wasteful Print Practices

Cost Recovery Solutions to Increase Your Bottom Line

By analyzing your current print practices, we can help you implement strategies that reduce unnecessary spending or assist in allocating printing costs to internal departments or your clients when necessary Our solution partners at PaperCut and uniFLOW carefully track your print, scan, copy, and fax costs to pinpoint inefficient or irresponsible print habits. By adjusting your device and network settings, limiting certain high-cost print jobs, and automating reminders, you can streamline your team’s print practices and recover costs along the way.

You can easily save on paper, toner, and your utility bill, plus save some trees in the process—everybody wins, starting with you.

Fewer Misprints: Our cost recovery services have built-in checks and balances that prevent your employees from making unnecessary mistakes.
Actionable Reports: With specific stats, insights, and full visibility, you’ll know exactly how much your business is printing, who to allocate it to and how much it’s costing.
Automated Settings: Streamline print jobs with predefined settings like black and white ink, double-sided pages, or basic image quality.
Coded Print Costs: Track print, copy, scan, and fax costs across specific clients for accurate, transparent chargeback billing.

Recover Print Costs by Partnering With Novatech

Streamlined print, maximized efficiency, and avoid unexpected costs—that’s what we bring to your business. We prioritize the most efficient ways of conducting business, which lowers our clients’ expenditures along the way. Through smart systems and creative problem solving, we’ve developed cost recovery solutions that are made for modern businesses like yours. 


Stop Wasting & Start Saving with Novatech