Optimize Your Business Technology with Novatech's
Office X-Ray

Uncover hidden costs, optimize workflows, and safeguard your data.

Uncover hidden costs, optimize workflows, and safeguard your data.

The Novatech Office X-Ray

We make technology management smoother and more secure for your business. Our Office X-Ray is specially designed to enhance your technology infrastructure, focusing on boosting efficiency and security. It’s our way of ensuring that your business technology aligns perfectly with your goals, helping you stay productive and protected in all areas of your technology.


We partner with market leaders and manufacturers from IT, Print, Cloud, Cybersecurity, as well as other facets of technology. We have the tools to analyze your business technology and help you find any gaps in security, costs, or productivity.


When you work with Novatech, you are working with a team that knows and understands technology and seeks to make your business operations run smoother and be more transparent so you can fully understand all your costs and risks, turning technology into the strength of your company.

The Office X-Ray: A Comprehensive Solution

Our Office X-Ray is an in-depth analysis of your technology landscape, offering:

  • IT Asset Rationalization: We evaluate your hardware and software, recommending consolidations and upgrades to reduce costs and enhance compatibility.
  • Print and Copy Environment Optimization: Our experts analyze your printing infrastructure, proposing solutions to cut costs and boost efficiency.
  • Advanced Cybersecurity Assessment: We identify and address security loopholes to fortify your data protection strategies.
  • Overall IT Health Appraisal: We ensure your IT systems are robust, reliable, and fully aligned with your business objectives.

Tailored Benefits for Your Business

  • Cost Efficiency: Consolidate vendors and optimize systems to significantly cut down expenses.
  • Risk Mitigation: Strengthen your defenses against cybersecurity threats.
  • Productivity Boost: A streamlined IT infrastructure ensures minimal downtime and smoother operations.
  • Customer Experience Enhancement: Dependable and efficient technology systems lead to improved customer interactions.
  • Asset Control: Ensure you have records of all your IT infrastructure as well as licensing information for all your platforms to ensure you are only spending money on what your company uses.

What Sets Novatech’s Office X-Ray Apart from Other Business Technology Assessments?

Novatech’s Office X-Ray sets itself apart in the IT assessment landscape because of its comprehensive and tailored approach. Unlike standard IT evaluations, our service dives deep into your technology infrastructure, offering a holistic view that encompasses not just hardware and software, but also print and copy environments, cybersecurity, and overall IT health. Our unique method includes:

  • Customized Analysis: Each assessment is tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, ensuring a more relevant and effective evaluation.
  • Expert Team: Our team of experts brings a wealth of experience and specialized knowledge, providing insights beyond typical IT assessments.
  • Actionable Insights: We focus on delivering practical, actionable recommendations that directly impact your business efficiency and security.
  • Ongoing Support: Novatech offers continued support and guidance to implement our recommendations effectively, ensuring lasting benefits for your business.

These distinctive features demonstrate our commitment to providing a service that is not just an assessment but a pathway to enhanced business technology security and cost management.


The Office X-Ray is Novatech’s comprehensive service for evaluating and optimizing your business’s technology infrastructure.

By consolidating vendors and optimizing IT systems, we help businesses cut unnecessary expenditures.

Yes, our service includes a detailed cybersecurity assessment to identify and rectify vulnerabilities.

Our evaluations are designed to be minimally intrusive, ensuring your business operations continue smoothly.

The duration depends on the complexity of your IT infrastructure, but we strive for efficiency and thoroughness in our assessment.


Dr. Anthony Mari. CEO, TactusMD

“They provide as close to perfect uptime as anyone possibly can, and they are responsive. We are [also] confident that when you log-in, there is security that will protect your ID and information.”


Aaron Sibley, Site Design and IT Project Manager. Habitat for Humanity

“Our ongoing service with Novatech is great. My team enjoys working with both the onsite technicians as well as the voices on the phone. Implementation of services has always gone smoothly, because when problems arise the team is already in place to quickly fix them.”


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