Can My Business Support a PaperCut MF Installation?

December 13, 2023

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PaperCut MF offers an all-in-one solution for print monitoring, suitable for networks ranging from a handful of users to large, enterprise-level operations. Novatech provides PaperCut MF as part of its comprehensive managed IT services to help you streamline your office technology under a single umbrella.

Here’s a guide on how to determine if your company’s architecture can support PaperCut MF.


Capabilities & Scalability

PaperCut MF is designed to work for networks as small as 5 users and scale up to networks with over 500,000 users. It offers a browser-based admin interface that is both simple for small sites and robust for large networks. If your company has between 20 and 500 employees, PaperCut MF’s scalability aligns well with Novatech’s ideal client profile.


System Architecture

PaperCut MF is versatile and works well in single-server environments to multi-server, multi-site, and even clustered environments. It can monitor locally attached or workgroup printers. However, your network infrastructure should be up-to-date and capable of handling advanced monitoring tools for optimal performance.


Licensing & Open Systems

The software is licensed based on the number of devices running the PaperCut MF embedded software, allowing for unlimited printers, servers, and workstations. Its open and documented API ensures easy integration with other business applications.


Supported Platforms & Requirements

Server Requirements

  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows (64-bit), macOS 11 or later, and most modern Linux distributions.
  • Memory: Minimum of 2GB (4GB or higher recommended).
  • Hard Disk: Minimum of 3GB, plus additional storage for logs and print history.

Database Servers

You can use PaperCut MF’s self-managing internal database for up to 5,000 users. Beyond that, it’s advisable to move to an external database like Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, or Oracle.

Client Requirements

  • Operating Systems: Windows 10+, macOS 11+, Android 8.0+, iOS 12+
  • Memory: At least 256MB is needed for the PaperCut client.

Additional Software

For certain functionalities, you may need Adobe Reader DC or later and Microsoft Office 2016 or later.


Security & Encryption

SSL encryption is used for sensitive client-server communications, aligning well with Novatech’s focus on cybersecurity. You can also install a signed SSL certificate for added security.


How can I ensure that my company’s existing infrastructure is compatible with PaperCut MF?

You can do this by:

  • Verifying that your existing printers and MFDs are compatible with PaperCut MF.
  • Confirming that your directory services are supported.
  • Ensuring that you meet the security requirements, such as SSL encryption for client-server communications.

For comprehensive service and support in meeting these requirements, Novatech offers managed IT services that include a complete assessment of your current infrastructure.

Feel free to reach out to Novatech’s team of experts for more detailed information or specific questions related to PaperCut MF and your business.


Allow Novatech to Help You Deploy PaperCut MF

The first step in assessing whether your architecture can support PaperCut MF is understanding your existing network configuration and matching it against PaperCut MF’s system requirements. Novatech can offer specialized consultation and support to facilitate this process, ensuring that you choose the right print management solution to fit your needs.

Given the software’s robust capabilities and scalability, it is a strong candidate for companies that match Novatech’s ideal client size and have a need for sophisticated print monitoring and management.

Written By: Editorial Team

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