The Canon Colorado Wide Format Solution for Print Shops

May 10, 2023

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The Canon Colorado Wide Format Solution for Print Shops

As a large format printing and wide format print expert who has helped many print shops find ideal print solutions, Novatech is excited to offer the Canon Colorado to print shops that want to add more services, make more money, and cut costs. Novatech is happy to provide you with this cutting-edge, powerful technology that may redefine your business in 2023.

The Canon Colorado is the most robust on-demand wide format printer your print shop will have. With the automation and cold fusing technology that allows for lamination immediately after printing, the Canon Colorado will substantially improve your output times and increase your bottom line. If your client could have their job today, or wait a week to get their job, which would they prefer? The Canon Colorado makes it possible to have turnaround times you simply cannot get with solvent, latex, or water-based systems.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the Canon Colorado’s innovations, applications, and notable features that make it a game-changer for print shops. So, let’s dive in and find out how this wide format printer can help your business in ways that no other wide format printer can.


Innovative Technology

UVgel technology is at the heart of the Canon Colorado Wide Format Solution. This technology has many benefits over traditional printing methods. UVgel ink has the best qualities of both solvent and latex inks. It is the right mix of quality and durability, and is good for the environment. When exposed to UV light, the ink dries right away, making sure that the prints are clear, bright, and last for a long time.

One of the best things about the Canon Colorado is that it can print very quickly without sacrificing quality. This is made possible by the printer’s unique FLXfinish technology, which lets you choose between matte and gloss finishes on the fly without changing inks or media. Let’s say you wanted to have a matte print, but highlight waterdrops in gloss to make them pop, with FLXfinish technology, you only have to load the substrate once to get both finishes applied. This reduces errors, and improves the production speed for your staff.

This gives you the ability to meet the needs of a wider group of customers and sell more products.


What Your Print Shop Can Do with the Canon Colorado

With its advanced UVgel technology and wide range of printing options, the Canon Colorado Wide Format Solution opens up a whole new world of options for your print shop. If you buy or lease this wide format printer, you can offer a wide range of services to meet your clients’ different wants. Here are some of the most common ways that people use the Canon Colorado:

Banners and Signs: The Canon Colorado can make bright, long-lasting pictures that are great for banners and signs both inside and outside. Whether it’s for store promotions, trade show displays, or event signage, the high-quality output will leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Wallcoverings and Murals: The Canon Colorado can print on a variety of materials, such as wallpaper and self-adhesive vinyl, making it a great choice for making personalized wallcoverings and murals. These one-of-a-kind apps can add a touch of creativity and personalization to both home and business areas.

Vehicle Wraps: The Canon Colorado can print on a wide variety of flexible materials, so you can use it to make beautiful wraps for cars, trucks, buses, and even boats. The UVgel ink technology makes sure that the prints will last and won’t fade, so the results will be eye-catching and last for a long time.

Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays: The retail industry relies heavily on visually appealing POP displays to bring in customers and promote goods. The Canon Colorado is a great choice for making eye-catching POP displays because it can print on a wide range of stiff and flexible materials and produces bright colors.

Textile printing: The Canon Colorado large format printer can also be used for textile printing, which lets you print straight onto a wide range of fabrics for things like flags, banners, and soft signage. With this ability, you can add more products to your line and take advantage of the growing market for customized fabrics.

Window Graphics: The Canon Colorado is great for making eye-catching window graphics because it can print on a variety of materials and does so well. Window graphics can add a creative and dynamic touch to any area, whether it’s a store window or an office.

Backlit displays: The Canon Colorado is great at printing on backlit film, making pictures that stand out with bright colors and sharp lines. This app is great for making eye-catching ads, menu boards, or informational displays for places with a lot of foot traffic.

Exhibition Graphics: To get people’s attention and show off goods or services well, trade shows and exhibitions need high-quality graphics. With the Canon Colorado, you can make beautiful exhibition graphics on a wide range of materials. This will help your clients stand out in a crowded event venue.

2-Sided Banners: One of the most unique features is being able to do banners in “double-sided” mode. Most wide format machines are unable to do 2-sided banners because the registration is off. The Colorado does an amazing job with registration, making 2-sided banners possible for your shop with the quality you need.

By offering these different applications, your print shop can meet the needs of many different businesses, from retail and hospitality to events and corporate branding. With the Canon Colorado Wide Format Solution, you can do almost anything which can help you find new ways to make money and grow your business.


What Sets the Canon Colorado Apart?

Less money spent on labor because the Canon Colorado Wide Format Solution has robotic features that make it much less necessary to do things by hand. With features like automated maintenance and nozzle monitoring, you can save time and money on labor while keeping print quality consistent.

Reduced Ink Costs: UVgel ink has great coverage and color brightness, so you can use up to 40% less ink than with other printing technologies.  If your print shop uses less ink because of this, it will save a lot of money.

Eco-friendly: The UVgel technology in the Canon Colorado is safe for the environment and doesn’t smell, making it a cleaner and safer choice for your print shop. Customers who care about the environment may be interested in this function.

Unmatched Flexibility: The Canon Colorado Wide Format Solution can print on many different materials, such as vinyl, posters, textiles, and more. This makes it easy to add new goods and reach new markets.

Improved Efficiency: We have seen some print shops that are running 3 wide format devices being able to consolidate down to one device, where the employee is able to get more production because of the automation and cold cure technologies being utilized by the print shop. The Canon Colorado is a way some print shops have even avoided needing to add additional employees to their staff to complete jobs on time.


Value Adds in 2023

The Canon Colorado Wide Format Solution is made to help print shops keep up with how business is changing in 2023. This high-tech printer can help your business in the following ways:

Faster Turnaround Times: The Canon Colorado’s fast print speeds let you finish projects faster, which boosts your shop’s productivity and makes sure your customers get their orders on time.

Expanded Product Offerings: The Canon Colorado is one of the most versatile printers on the market. It can print on a wide range of materials, so you can meet a bigger range of customer needs. This broader range of products can help you get more customers and make more money.

Customer satisfaction will go up because the combination of UVgel technology and FLXfinish will make sure that your customers get high-quality prints with bright colors and beautiful finishes. These things help make customers happier and more likely to do business with you again.

Lower running costs: The Canon Colorado Wide Format Solution helps you keep your operating costs low by lowering the cost of labor and ink. This helps you stay competitive in the market.

Eco-Friendly: If you buy or lease the Canon Colorado, which is good for the environment, you can show that you care about sustainable business practices. This can help you stand out in the crowded print business and appeal to the growing number of people who care about the environment.

Energy Savings: One of the biggest advantages with the Canon Colorado line is the “cold curing” that happens with the UVgel ink. With the Canon, the ink is applied at about 80 degrees (compared to 200+ degrees with other technologies). This makes it easy to do post processing as well as reduces the ambient air temperature for the operator (thus reducing AC cost for the building). The energy savings makes a big difference on the bottom line of your print shop because of the cost of energy is much lower using a Canon Colorado than a traditional wide format printer.


Contact Novatech to Lease a Canon Colorado for Your Print Shop

The Canon Colorado Wide Format Solution is a powerful and new tool that can change your print shop and help you stay ahead of the competition in 2023. Don’t pass up this chance to invest in cutting-edge technology that can help your business be more efficient, make more money, and last longer.

Contact the pros at Novatech today to find out more about the Canon Colorado Wide Format Solution and how it can change your print shop. Visit or call our expert team to talk about your needs and find out how this amazing printer can help your business reach its full potential. Don’t wait.

With the Canon Colorado Wide Format Solution, you can take your print shop to new heights.

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