The Top 5 Copier and Printer Security Features You Need

April 17, 2023

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The Top 5 Copier and Printer Security Features You Need

Printers and copiers are often overlooked as possible threats when it comes to office security. But these devices can store sensitive information, and if they are not properly protected, your company could be at risk of security breaches. Here are the top 5 security features Novatech feels you should consider for copiers and printers.


Secure Print:

With the Secure Print feature, the user has to prove who they are before the printer lets them print documents. This is generally proven with a PIN code entered. This keeps confidential information from getting into the wrong hands and makes sure that only authorized people can see the printed documents. With Secure Print, your documents will be encrypted and held in the print queue until you enter a personal identification number (PIN) or swipe an ID card at the printer.


Software for Managing and Routing Print Jobs:

With Print Management Job Routing Software, you can control how documents are printed. With this software, you can set rules for printing, such as requiring users to enter a code to print, limiting color printing (even by application or user), and automatically sending print jobs to the most efficient printer. This saves money on printing costs, stops people from printing things they shouldn’t, and lowers the risk of data breaches.

Some examples of software solutions Novatech partners with are Papercut and Uniflow. These solutions automate print rules and help to ensure your data stays safe.



Encryption is an important security feature that keeps your data from being accessed by people who shouldn’t be able to. With encryption, your data can’t be read without the key to decrypt it. If an unauthorized user were to get the data stream without the decryption key, it would give them random characters and not what you were actually printing. This feature is more critical for any company who deals with highly secure data.


Erase the Hard Drive:

Many copiers and printers have a hard drive that stores copies of all documents that have been printed. Most purge these at predictable intervals, like daily, weekly or monthly. If the printer is thrown away or sold, this can be a big security risk. Hard Drive Wiping is a feature that deletes all data from the printer’s hard drive in a safe way. This makes sure that sensitive information doesn’t get out. This is often called a Security Kit by the printer or copier manufacturers.


User ID Authentication:

User Authentication is a feature that requires users to enter a unique username and password before they can use the printer’s features. This feature makes sure that only authorized people can use the printer. It also stops people from printing without permission and stealing data.


Call Us to Secure Your Print!

Keeping your company’s information safe requires that your printer and copier have the right security features. You can make sure that sensitive information about your company is always safe by using Secure Print, Print Management Job Routing Software, Encryption, Hard Drive Wiping, and User Authentication. Novatech is here to help you print securely and efficiently.

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