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July 27, 2022

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Right now there is a push for smaller companies, and even some enterprise level companies to use managed IT services companies, rather than hiring talent internally. You may wonder what a managed IT services company does and if it makes sense for you.

We have been helping companies with Managed IT services for almost 30 years. We know how to manage networks and have helped many clients, who, like you, wonder what they are getting with a managed IT engagement.

We will cover the functional job a managed IT services company is doing for you and some of the services they cover with managed IT packages.

Help Desk Support

This is one of the key areas where your company can use the help of a managed IT services company. As users have issues, they can get help rather than trying to figure out IT issues on their own. With our team being so fast at responding, what happens is the team gets used to placing tickets because they know they will get a real answer and not some information technology jargon they don’t understand.

Another huge benefit here is skipping the whole hiring process if you had these people internally. The fact you can just allow us to deal with all of the IT, including staffing issues, frees up more and more of your team’s time.


Security for your managed IT is getting more and more critical.  There are bad actors in the world who are putting out ransomware and malware. You need a team who specializes in not just how to fix threats, if infected. Part of what we do is ensure you are not put at risk in the first place.

Like all security, no matter what you do right, there is always a risk you could be hit by a zero-day risk. What managed IT means for you then, is having a strong data backup and recovery solution as a second means of data protection.

The data can be backed up live (so all data is saved), it can be done daily, weekly or monthly. The more critical the data, the more the timeframe should be considered. If you lost last month’s data and all the files, how much would that matter?  For most clients, having this daily or at least weekly is a good starting place.

User Risk Training

Part of what we deploy in our tech stack is the ability for your users to get training, so they do not click on phishing or malware email links. Users will start understanding when links or actions should not be taken. Our risk training even has world-class videos that are fun for your team to watch.

Patch Management

This is important to IT because it also has a lot to do with security. If Chrome has a security patch release, who makes sure the patch is loaded onto each user’s system? Patches are recurrent and for every piece of hardware and software in your office.


Part of our patch management is automating it to ensure it happens without a human having to focus much to ensure it is being loaded to each computer or system. Automation helps your users do the right thing, even if they didn’t mean to.

Co-Managed IT

If you want some control over your IT, perhaps our co-managed IT services offering is right for you. What this is all about is working with your managed IT team for best results. With this model, the managed IT service is cooperative with your existing team to improve one or multiple parts of your IT.

The most common co-managed IT is in the security and the automation parts of managed IT. Sometimes a company wants to be sure their security or their patches are happening without their internal team having to do this.

VoIP Services (Phones)

Another common area a managed IT support group can help you set up is your phones. There are cloud-based solutions which make this a natural fit for a managed IT company, because that company already knows the network and how the VoIP system would work on the network.

Our VoIP systems are a sweet spot for small business or mid-sized enterprise companies. We partner with RingCentral to help our clients with VoIP systems.

Cloud Service

If you have a lot of applications in the cloud, you may find our managed cloud solution interesting. We have our own hosted cloud portal, where we can even deal with the servers ourselves and not have to outsource that to Amazon, Microsoft or Google. With our cloud platforms we are able to secure and control ourselves. It is backed up, cooled and taken very seriously. We even offer you the chance to take a look at our office and hardware.

How We Do Managed IT Services

If you are looking for managed IT solutions, we can help. Our company has helped companies with IT services like:

  • Cyber Security
  • Co-Managed IT
  • Cloud Services
  • Data Backup
  • Data Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • Strategic Planning
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • IT Infrastructure Planning
  • Helpdesk Support

We are here to help get your technology up to speed, and we offer all sorts of managed IT services offerings for your company. We would love to chat and help put together a game plan for both now and the future.

Written By: Editorial Team

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