What to Know about Office Printers and Copiers | 5 Resources

November 7, 2022

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Get familiar with the powers of the office printers and copiers that make daily, unsung contributions to your team, your workflow and your business. Skim these five summaries to spot the articles that cover topics you need to understand, then dive deeper into the articles for advice and examples.

  1. 20 Reasons You Need a Color Printer for Business Communications

  2. A3 or A4 Printer for Your Business? Why Should You Care?

  3. How to Print Business Cards

  4. Copiers that Staple

  5. Copier Jams – Always at the Wrong Moment

Learn More About Your Office Printers and Copiers

20 Reasons You Need a Color Printer for Business Communications

Spot-on use of color says something positive about your brand, and it makes information easier to understand. We’ve compiled these 20 reasons why you might need a color printer for your business communications.

Take #9 for example. Making documents more recognizable by their color is a time saver. Information in color can be located faster — a top justification for a business color printer. Managers, employees and customers don’t have enough time as it is. Anything that speeds up the process of locating and scanning important information improves business efficiency.

And don’t forget Reason #14 why you need color printing in your business. Color also greatly increases comprehension. (See the research citations in the article.) Prospects, students and customers understand color-enhanced messages better.

A3 or A4 Printer for Your Business? Why Should You Care?

Sometimes size matters when it comes to printed documents. So does the printer matter, too? Guess what? It does. We’ve come up with five considerations explained in this article to help you select the best A3 or A4 (or both) device for your business goals (with a little paper history for added interest).

Most of the world uses the international paper standard — ISO 216, except North America and some South and Central America areas. We use the familiar “letter” and “tabloid” paper sizes.

Understand the difference between A3 and A4 printers and copiers, so you’ll know if this is something to consider in your next equipment purchase. The article covers five things that matter when choosing an A3 or A4 device for your office.

How to Print Business Cards
Who doesn’t still love a good business card, whether it’s clever copy, high-quality paper, a visual design stunner or something else. Think of the business card as the brand in your hand. Use the ideas in this article to maximize whatever time and money you spend on these tiny paper documents.

Make sure your team stocks up on this business staple. As some of our clients scaled down outsourced printing, it made sense to bring this task in house. The printer or copier you use will be critical for the quality of the business cards. The most important part of a quality business card is the paper it’s printed on, but this article explains what else matters. There’s also finishing. You don’t want cards wider on top or other cutting issues from using a cheap paper cutter to finish the carefully printed business cards.

Get good advice on how to print business cards in this quick read.

Copiers that Staple

That digital document you just turned into ten paper copies may need staples. When you have large print jobs, does it require a staff member to sit at a desk and staple pages together?

Even if it doesn’t take that long, couldn’t that person be better used elsewhere, especially since many copiers are capable of stapling. Stapling may be a little less common than it used to be, but if you need it, it is still a huge time-saving part of any copier lease, and doesn’t add much to the monthly cost.

Copier Jams – Always at the Wrong Moment

The flow of paper documents can come crashing to a halt if a copier jams at a bad time. For example, the sales team may have a big contract to be signed, or the board meeting is preparing to start, and a sudden copier jam creates embarrassment, frustration and delay.

This article covers seven things that cause copier jams and has advice to make this less of a problem for your business.

More Resources for Your Copiers and Printers – Us!

You probably have more questions about the best copiers and printers for your business. We can answer a lot of them with a print assessment. There’s no charge, and we can schedule right away.

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