Novatech: Your Partner for Canon’s Copiers

At Novatech, we pride ourselves on being an authorized partner of Canon. If your business is looking for the best office equipment, look no further than getting a Canon device from Novatech. Our team will ensure you get the best Canon copier along with a service plan that will keep your investment protected for years to come.

When you choose Novatech as a partner for your new Canon copier, you are getting a back office that is capable of 24/7 support as well as service technicians who have been factory-trained on the products to ensure you have maximum uptime.

Canon Copiers for Every Office Setting

Whether it’s a compact multifunction printer (MFP), multifunction copier, or office copier, Canon has a solution for every workspace. Our widget below provides a list of products, making your selection process easier.

Canon C3830i

  • Print up to 30 ppm (BW/color)
  • Scan up to 270 ipm (300 dpi) (BW/color, duplex)
  • 2,300-sheet maximum paper capacity
  • Print up to 12" x 18"

Want to Lease a Canon Copier?

At Novatech, we understand that every business has unique financial and operational needs. That’s why, in addition to selling Canon copiers, we offer favorable leasing options tailored to your specific preferences. Whether you’re interested in a Fair Market Value (FMV) lease that allows for cost-effective upgrades at the end of the term or a $1 Out lease ensuring device ownership after completion, we’ve got you covered.

Our leasing terms extend up to 5 years, offering both flexibility and stability. By partnering with us, businesses can equip themselves with Canon’s state-of-the-art technology in a manner that best aligns with their financial goals and operational demands. Chat with one of our experts to learn more about how we can help you with flexible financing terms.

Canon C3935i | Canon C3930i | Canon C3926i | Canon C3835i | Canon C5870i | Canon C5850i | Canon C5840i | Canon C3830i | Canon C5860i | Canon DX 4835i | Canon DX 4845i | Canon DX 6855i | Canon DX 4825i

Distinguishing Features of Canon Copiers

  • High Productivity: Canon copiers ensure quick output without compromising on quality, meeting the needs of today’s office environments. Utilize features such as stapling, hole punch, and workflow automation to get even more out of your copier. Print either wired or wirelessly, and from any device consistently and reliably.
  • Scanning Excellence: Canon copiers aren’t just for printing. Their scanning solutions provide quick, high-quality digitization of documents.
  • Cost Efficiency: With efficient toner management and power-saving features, Canon ensures you get more bang for your buck. Canon has some of the best cost-per-print rates in the industry for high volume print clients.
  • Security First: Canon devices are equipped with enhanced security features, ensuring data protection and privacy. This is even more critical as the printer has become a vector cyber attacks come from today.
  • Unwavering Support: Canon’s customer support, combined with Novatech’s robust service department, means you’re never alone in troubleshooting or maintenance.

Choose Novatech for a Canon Copier Today!

We’re more than a supplier—we’re a partner in your business’s success, ensuring that every Canon device you invest in brings value, efficiency, and growth.

Trust Novatech to get the new copier or printer you need, with service plans available on all of the devices we sell. We are here to help you each step of the way! When you think Canon, think Novatech!


Canon is a brand that has quality at the forefront of what they do. When we sell a Canon printer or copier, we are excited for the customer because we know they will have best-in-class product quality as well as support. We support many copiers and printers from various brands, and from our experience with Canon, they have become a favored manufacturer we represent.

Absolutely! As an authorized and independent partner of Canon, Novatech provides both sales and service of Canon products. Our experienced technicians can assist with installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, both remotely and on-site. We can even help remove the previous copier and ship it back where it needs to go as you upgrade to your new Canon device.

Yes. We have a vast footprint for sales and service along with partner dealers all over the country. We thrive on bigger fleet installations and have the support and bandwidth to help the largest corporate enterprises. If you need 5, 50, or 500 Canon copiers, we can accommodate your specific needs.


Doesn’t your business deserve reliable, affordable copying?