Introduce New Efficiencies to Your Business Model With Streamlined Content Management Solutions

Introduce New Efficiencies to Your Business Model With Streamlined Content Management Solutions

Content Management Solutions for Businesses

When a business lacks a good content management strategy, personnel will access and store documents by any means necessary and convenient. Why wouldn’t they?

Few things frustrate us more than looking for that one particular document.

  • Have you ever been left unprepared for a meeting or call because you or your staff couldn’t access a document you needed – and you couldn’t locate the digital file? 
  • Have you ever been warned by auditors that your paperwork might not be organized enough to meet compliance guidelines?
  • Does the staff complain about too many file cabinets?

If these scenarios sound familiar, a content management system will resolve many document problems.

Content Management that Starts at the Printer

Keeping up with business documents is a daily frustration that only gets worse when people work remotely, from the road or even from another floor. Employees across every office need easy, dependable access to documents at endpoints like printers and scanners.

Even if you already use a document management solution, why change? Who manages the software, maintains updates, and provides support? That might be reason enough.

Integrated, Accessible Content at Every Office and Department

Carefully selected content management solutions help our customers achieve greater document efficiency. Trained and certified Novatech experts use CMS software to design workflows that eliminate time-consuming tasks and increase productivity across departments and locations. 

  • End hassle of managing, storing, retrieving paper documents
  • Streamline compliance
  • Reduce document storage costs
  • Centralize document storage so files fully searchable, retrievable – emails, PDF, MS Office, more

Bringing You The Best of Content Management Solutions

Content Management System Works with Many File Types

With a CMS platform, users work with many kinds of digital content (scanned document, audio, video, spreadsheet, Word). Global capture technology scans and extracts business-critical data from virtually every document type. This makes it easier to automate more business processes.

  • Store the digital documents 
  • Index with tags like document name, department or date to find later
  • Easily retrieve those documents
  • Automate workflow associated with these steps 
  • Store content in the cloud
  • Server-based environment
Empower Your Team: Allow for secure content access for remote and in-office workforces.
Tailor Your Solution: Create reusable settings, edit security permissions, and enforce business rules for your perfect software solution.
Boost Productivity: Simplify content capture, retrieval, and distribution, and free up your employees’ time for more important work.
Automate Your Workflows: With the help of Novatech’s industry experts, design workflow solutions that eliminate time-consuming tasks and increase employee productivity.

Business Benefits of a Content Management System

It’s a powerful digitization step to take processes you do physically, like an approval or a registration, and mimic the motion electronically. Unstructured content becomes more usable business information.

The CMS software we use has been retooled from the ground up as a web offering. Users can get to specific digital content wherever they happen to be, physically on-site or working remotely. 

Businesses that use a good content management system gain benefits like these:

  • Eliminate daily document search and handling frustration
  • Digitize documents for security and accessibility
  • Users store and access documents and digital assets from anywhere
  • Browse digital content libraries, call up any document with a few keystrokes
  • Intuitive search takes just a moment to find what you need
  • Content is never out of reach, even when you’re out-of-office
  • Extend digitization across the business

Content Management Platform Improves Document Security

A digital platform offers more secure document management than other forms of document access and retention. That’s one reason businesses adopt enterprise content management as part of an overall security strategy.

Boost Document Security With Content Management Software:

  • Documents secured on password-protected servers; users must authenticate for access.
  • Digital rights management locks and encrypts individual documents.
  • Users are required to meet specific conditions to decrypt.

Content Management Helps with Compliance Mandates

Our preferred Content Management Software is certified to be compliant with many regulations, including SOC 1, SOC 2 and HIPAA. Novatech actively maintains these certifications and recertifications.


Content Management Software Can Revolutionize Any Business