uniFLOW: A Comprehensive Solution for All Your Document Management, Printing, and Scanning Needs

January 3, 2024

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With uniFLOW, you can streamline your business processes and make them safer.

Are you ready to supercharge your office with one of the most robust and comprehensive document management solutions in the market today?

Novatech is happy to offer uniFLOW, a flexible and powerful solution with a full set of features to increase productivity, lower costs, and keep your sensitive information safe.

uniFLOW is an excellent platform to integrate in your office to address critical areas of your business such as document management, copiers, and managed IT services. The solution, being flexible, can be changed to fit the exact needs of your company. With uniFLOW, you can make your document processes more efficient, cut costs, protect your information, and stay in line with regulatory requirements.


What’s good about uniFLOW:

Streamlined Document Workflow: uniFLOW makes it easier to capture, process, and send out documents, which saves time and money. The solution also works well with popular cloud storage services, making it easy to share files and have team collaboration.

Improved Security: uniFLOW has strong security features like user authentication, document encryption, and secure printing to make sure that your private information is always safe. This keeps people from getting in without permission and lowers the risk of data breaches.

Cost Management: With uniFLOW’s powerful reporting tools, you can keep track of usage and prices, figuring out where you can save money and make better use of resources. You can also make rules to save money, like writing on both sides or limiting color printing.

Cost management is an important part of uniFLOW’s set of features, which are meant to help businesses keep track of, control, and improve their printing and scanning costs. By using tools and methods for cost management, you can cut down on wasteful spending, make better use of resources, and improve your organization’s bottom line. Here are some of the most important cost-control features of uniFLOW:

  • Detailed Reporting and Analytics: The reporting tools in uniFLOW give you a deep look at how your company prints and scans. These reports can be changed to show statistics for individual users, departments, or devices, among other things. You can easily find patterns of use, find inefficiencies, and make smart choices about how to use your resources most effectively.
  • Use Limits and Quotas: With uniFLOW, you can set up rules and limits to control how much your company prints. For example, you can only let certain users or departments print in color, make everyone print on both sides of the page to save paper, or limit the number of pages each user can print each month. These rules promote responsible use and help cut costs that aren’t needed.
  • Automated Cost Allocation: With uniFLOW’s cost management tools, printing and scanning costs can be automatically put on certain areas, projects, or clients. This makes sure that costs are assigned correctly and makes it easier to keep track of and handle costs for budgeting and billing.
  • Device Management and Optimization: uniFLOW gives you a central place to handle and keep an eye on all your printing and scanning devices. You can easily find devices that aren’t being used enough or aren’t working well, which lets you make choices based on data about how to deploy, replace, or combine devices. This helps you keep an optimal fleet of devices that keeps costs low and output high.
  • Print Policies and Rules: With uniFLOW, you can set company-wide print policies, like writing in black and white or on both sides by default. These rules can be changed so that they only apply to certain users or departments. This makes sure that they are followed regularly and effectively, which cuts down on unnecessary printing and the costs that come with it.

By adding the cost management features of uniFLOW to your organization’s document management processes, you can get a better handle on your costs and make better choices to make the most of your resources. This not only saves money, but also helps make the business world more efficient and sustainable.

Environmental Initiatives: uniFLOW helps you cut down on waste by encouraging responsible printing habits and giving you tools to track and manage your impact on the environment.

Customizable Solution: uniFLOW is made to fit the needs and requirements of your company. You can add or take away features as your business grows and changes, thanks to the modular design.


Examples of How uniFLOW Works:

Law Firms: uniFLOW is used by a law firm with various offices to centralize their document management system. This speeds up workflows and makes it easier for people in different offices to work together. They also use the secure printing feature of uniFLOW to make sure that sensitive legal papers stay private.

Marketing Agencies: A marketing agency connects uniFLOW to cloud storage services so that important documents can be accessed from anywhere. This improves communication between teams and makes it easier for workers to work from home or on the go.

Healthcare: Using uniFLOW’s cost management tools, a healthcare provider can keep track of and lower printing costs, giving them more money to spend on patient care.

Education: A school uses uniFLOW’s private printing features to protect information about students and staff and make sure it’s in line with privacy laws.


Ready to Reap uniFLOW’s Incredible Benefits?

Are you ready to change the way you handle documents, make them more efficient, and keep sensitive information safe? Contact our experts at Novatech right away to find out how uniFLOW can help your business grow.

Contact us for an individualized demo or consultation to see the benefits of uniFLOW for yourself. Together, we can figure out what your organization needs and create a special Uniflow solution that will improve your workflows, cut costs, and make your organization safer. Don’t wait—use uniFLOW to help your business reach its full potential right now!

Get started with uniFLOW right away by calling us or filling out the form on this page to speak with one of our document solutions specialists!

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