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How to Setup Canon on a Network

1. Press (Settings/Registration).

2. Press [Preferences] → [Network].

3. Press [TCP/IP Settings] → [IPv4 Settings].

4. Press [IP Address Settings]

5. Check the box next to “DHCP” and then press [OK].

6. Power off the copier with the physical power switch, leave it off for 30 seconds, and then turn it back on.

7. When the copier fully comes back on, press the “123” or “Check Counter” button and find the IP address listed at the top of the screen.

8. Take the IP address and type it into the address bar of a new browser tab on your computer.

9. Log into the web portal.

9a. If you have a Manager/Dept ID, the ID is “1234567” and the pin is “7654321” or “1234567”.

9b. If you have a Username/Password, the Username is “Administrator” and the password is either left blank or “7654321”.

10. Click the “Settings/Registration” link on the right side of the page.

11. Click “Network Settings”.

12. Click “IPv4 Settings”

13. Uncheck the “Use Auto IP”, make sure the IP address is the same one you got on the copier, and then click “OK”.

14. Computers will need to be set up with a new driver that matches the new IP address the copier has. For Windows computers, you can follow this guide. For Mac, follow this guide.

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