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How to Setup Canon Scan to Folder on Mac

1. Right click a blank spot on your desktop and click “New Folder”. Right-click the folder and click “Rename” and name the folder “Scans”.

2. Click the Apple icon in the top left and click “System Preferences”.

3. Double-click the “Sharing” folder.

3. Tick the box next to “File Sharing”, and click the “Options” button.

4. Tick the box next to your username under “Account”, then input your password if prompted and hit “OK”, then click “Done”.

5. Click the “+” icon under “Shared Folders” and find the “Scans” folder under the “Desktop” option on the left-hand column. Left-click the folder and click “Add”.

6. Go to the physical machine and press the “123” or “Check Counter” button and then find the IP address in the top left or right of the screen.

7. Type the IP address of the copier and hit enter.

8. On the login page, follow either of the steps below to get logged in as admin.

8a. If you have a Manager/Dept ID and Pin, then use “7654321” for the ID and “1234567” or “7654321” for the pin.

8b. If you have a “Username” and “Password” options, the “Username” is “Administrator” and the “Password” is blank or you can use “12345678” or “7654321”.

9. Once you have logged in, find the “Address book” button on the right side and click it.

10. Find the entry with the most “Destinations” and click it to open.

11. You will either get a “Register New Destination” button at the top or have a list of numbers and you can click an open number to create a new entry.

12. Click the “Type” dropdown and select “File” and then click “Set”. Fill out the name you would like to give the scan location and then type in the computers’ IP address in the “Hostname” field and click “Settings”.

12a. To find your computer’s IP address, click the “Apple” icon in the top left and then click “System Preferences”, then double-click the “Network” option. The IP Address will be listed on the main part of the screen.

13. The “Folder Path” is going to be “Scans” and the “Username” is your username for the computer. Then input the password you use for the computer and click “OK” and then “OK” again on the next screen. Now you can go to the copier and try to scan something to your folder.

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