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Hot to Setup Job Accounting on Sharp

1. You will need the IP address of the copier, to get this go to the machine and press the “Settings” button and then “Network Status”.


2. Next go to your computer and open your web browser, type in the IP address of the copier, and press enter.


3. Click “Login” at the top right of the screen. Choose Administrator for the username and the default password is admin. If the default password doesn’t work you might need to reach out to your IT dept to see if it has been changed.


4. Once you are logged in click the “User Control” option in the left column and then “Default Settings”.


5. Follow the steps below:

5a. Click the drop-down and choose “Enable”.

5b. Select the option “Authenticate a User by User Number Only”.

5c. Click “Submit” to apply changes.


6. Now click the “User List” option on the left. Click “Add” at the bottom then input the person’s name under “Username” and then assign them a code for printing/copying and click submit.

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